Workbook 4 Cognitive behavioural therapy for substance use and gambling

A precise and page-to-page English translation of Werkboek 4 cognitieve gedragstherapie bij middelengebruik en gokken (with an individual preparatory session and 12 group sessions) containing self-monitoring registration forms, other fill-in schemes and many exercises to do at home and to discuss the following session. Themes and subjects of the sessions are also leading in the workbook. Clients are expected to work hard on the goals set. They practice between the sessions with different ways of thinking and behaviour. It is important that the clients exercise and write things down in the workbook. This maximizes the chance to reach control over their substance use or gambling. The workbook does not contain psycho-education itself but is referring to reliable sources. The therapist is supported with psycho-education in the manual and in the Addendum.


Session 1:       Preparing for change (Individual)
Session 2:       Making acquaintance and Goals
Session 3:       Goals and Self-managing measures
Session 4:       Self-managing measures
Session 5:       Self-managing measures and functional analysis
Session 6:       Functional analysis
Session 7:       Functional analysis and emergency measures
Session 8:       Emergency measures and coping with craving
Session 9:       Coping with craving and changing thoughts
Session 10:     Changing thoughts and refusing offers of substances or gambling
Session 11:     Refusing offers of substances or gambling
Session 12:     Refusing offers of substances or gambling and coping with relapse
Session 13:     Coping with relapse and evaluation
Extra information
Registration Forms